Wednesday, November 29, 2006

'Poltergeist' Remake Rumors False

November 29, 2006
'Poltergeist' remake rumors false

Any fan of "Poltergeist" can tell you that it's a pretty darned scary film. Television set communications with the dead, child-eating trees, evil clown dolls and, of course, The Beast. But "Poltergeist" fans got the scare of a lifetime this week courtesy horror film fansite Bloody Disgusting.

This Monday, Bloody Disgusting claimed that they received "official confirmation" that a proposed "Poltergeist" sequel entitled "Poltergeist: Kayeri" was not moving ahead with MGM, rather, the studio planned a "straight-up remake of the first film...pretty much frame-for-frame."

Of course the thought of anyone remaking a Steven Spielberg film not only borders on, but goes well beyond the sacrilegious, and the very utterance of such a deed should be punished by forced repeat viewings of the Spielberg-less "Poltergeist III" for a 24-hour stretch.

Thankfully, the rumor turned out to be nothing more than a rumor, despite Bloody Disgusting's source claiming official status. According to the very official source of Steven Spielberg's offices, there is "no truth" to the rumors. Period.

Breathe easy, "Poltergeist" fans, and rejoice in the fact that a special edition of the incomparable Spielberg classic is in production for a 25th anniversary release in 2007.