Thursday, May 31, 2007

Recent Mischief

Police: Man Dressed As Clown Robs Pharmacy
May 22, 2007

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. -- Fredericksburg police said a man in a clown outfit robbed a pharmacy Sunday night.

Police said the man went into the CVS store in the 500 block of the Jefferson Davis Highway wearing a black top hat, fake hair and clown face paint. They said he walked to the pharmacy counter and gave the clerk a note demanding prescription narcotics from the safe.
The man told the clerk he had a gun, police said, but the gun was never displayed.

Authorities said the man also demanded cash from the register.

The clown-dressed man took the money and the drugs and fled, police said.

The robber was described as a white man about 18 to 20 years old and standing 5 feet 8 inches tall and 150 pounds. He wore blue jeans, a black T-shirt and white tennis shoes and was carrying a white shirt.


Clown had child porn, police say
He's jailed on sex assault, domestic abuse charges
May 15, 2007

Waukesha - A professional clown jailed on sexual assault and domestic violence charges had child pornography on a computer seized from his home in Brookfield, according to an affidavit police filed Tuesday in Waukesha County Circuit Court.
Ronald E. Schroeder

Ronald E. Schroeder, who entertains as Silly the Clown and Mr. Silly, had "numerous" images of child pornography on the computer, according to the affidavit and a search warrant, prompting Brookfield police to seek a new court order expanding their investigation of Schroeder's activities.

The initial investigation concerned allegations that Schroeder beat a girlfriend, illegally accessed her e-mail and text messages, and took nude photographs of her after she passed out in his home after a night out. But a preliminary examination of a computer seized after those allegations were made turned up images indicating that Schroeder sexually assaulted the woman while she was unconscious, according to a criminal complaint.

A continuing examination of the computer over the weekend revealed child pornography, according to the affidavit and search warrant filed in court Tuesday. That prompted police to seek a court order authorizing an examination of a wide array of items seized from Schroeder's home this month to see if they contain images of child pornography.

The new items being examined include two laptop computers, several cameras, external hard drives and two safes.

Schroeder, 37, is being held in the Waukesha County Jail in lieu of $50,000 bail on two counts of second-degree sexual assault of an unconscious victim; 27 counts of capturing an image of nudity; and one count each of illegally accessing computer data, battery and possession of a switchblade. He is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing on those charges Friday.
Schroeder, who was a suspect in the unresolved 1991 death of his infant daughter and was questioned about injuries to another daughter in 2005, has been performing in southeastern Wisconsin as a clown since 1989, according to his Web site. Court records indicate that he also earned a living in recent years in the mortgage industry.

Roommates alerted police

He is separated from his second wife and had been living until recently with two male roommates, according to court records. Those men moved out of Schroeder's home "after they witnessed a domestic battery committed by Schroeder . . . in the early morning hours of April 30," according to a police affidavit filed in Circuit Court this month.

When police went to Schroeder's home to investigate those allegations, according to an affidavit, they noticed blood drops on a floor.

Schroeder "claimed that his nose has a tendency to bleed and he picked his nose earlier that morning," the complaint says. "He then started to pick his nose profusely in order to try to make it bleed, but the officer told him to stop immediately."

The domestic violence charge filed last week accuses Schroeder of accessing a woman's e-mail account to keep track of her Internet communications and physically abusing her by throwing her against a wall and "jamming" his fingers up the woman's nostrils "until her nose started to bleed."

The sex charges accuse him of sexually assaulting the woman after she passed out in his bed and taking numerous pictures of her while she was nude and passed out.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Evil Clowns and Sex Crimes

It absolutely SHOCKS me to see the owner of something called "Evil Clown Animation" involved in a sex crime. After all, it's not like there is some fundamental connection between clowns (particularly 'evil' ones) and abberrant sexuality.

Oh yeah, that's right, there totally is.

Animator had sex with girl, 13

A Toronto animator who had frequent sexual encounters with a "precocious" 13-year-old neighbourhood girl has been convicted of sexual interference.

Mike Dobson, 37, who has worked on such TV shows as Pippi Longstocking and Little Bear, engaged in kissing, oral sex and intercourse with a willing participant of "13 years going on 19," Superior Court Justice Arthur Gans said yesterday.

But there can be no legal consent between an adult and a 13-year-old, Gans added.
Yesterday the judge convicted the tall, casually dressed owner of Evil Clown Animation of four counts of having sex with a girl under 14 between December 2001 and April 2002.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

This Week in Juggalos

Murder suspect threatened others with knife
Mike Peters, (Bio)
March 1, 2007

Days before he was arrested for the stabbing murder of a 17-year-old boy, Weld County court records show Brodie Clayton threatened two women with a 12-inch butcher knife and said, "I am the Grim Reaper and I am doing my work."

Also, Clayton's tattoos indicate he was an avid fan of the band, Insane Clown Posse, a band that is quickly being identified with gang violence among police circles on both coasts.

In court affidavits released this week, police said Clayton, 18, threatened two women in Lochbuie with the knife last week. Early Saturday morning in Frederick, police believe he stabbed and killed Kyle McCune, 17, the son of a Dacono city councilman.

Police say McCune was stabbed in the chest with a large knife about 2:30 a.m. Saturday. He was pronounced dead an hour later at a hospital.

Court records indicate the suspect, Clayton, he had "ICP" tattooed on his left hand and "Hatchet Man" tattooed on his right arm. The "Hatchet Man" symbol is the logo for Insane Clown Posse's record label, Psychopathic Records. Many Insane Clown Posse fans have adopted the "Hatchet Man" symbol with tattoos.

Clayton is in the Weld County Jail on two bonds: $500,000 for a charge of second-degree murder, and $250,000 for the assault charges earlier in the week.Lochbuie police took the report from two women who said Clayton was apparently angry at one of them because she left Clayton's home where he lived with his mother in Lochbuie.

The girlfriend told police Clayton told her, "How about a bullet in the head? How about that?"

He also sat on one woman's car and told her he would puncture a tire with the knife every time she "broke a deal" with him. When the woman walked away, Clayton stabbed one tire with the knife, the report stated.

Earlier in the week, the woman said they'd accused Clayton of using illegal drugs and he became angry. The report stated he hit one of the women and cut the other on the neck with the 12-inch knife. Clayton allegedly told the woman, "I hit an artery, and you are going to bleed to death; the job is not done. I am the Grim Reaper, and I am doing my work."Police have not said whether the knife used to threaten the women was the same knife they believe was used to kill Kyle.

Lochbuie police did not learn of the assaults on the women until Feb. 23, when the women called the station. Officers were unable to locate Clayton at that time, but just 12 hours after the women reported the incident, Kyle was stabbed in a house in Frederick.

Clayton was arrested by Frederick police, who found him hiding in the back yard of the house. Because he allegedly held the women against their will during the confrontation, Lochbuie police arrested Clayton on charges of false imprisonment, assault, criminal mischief, felony menacing and attempted murder.

Clayton's criminal record dates back to menacing and assaults incident from the time he was 14 years old.

Memorial serviceKyle McCune's memorial service is set for 3:30 p.m. today in the Dacono Lion's Club building


Man to serve at least 20 years in prison for rape

A 21-year-old man who identifies himself as an Insane Clown Posse "juggalo" must serve at least 20 years in prison for raping a 13-year-old girl he met at a Sparks skate boarding park, a judge ruled Friday.

Judge Connie Steinheimer of Washoe District Court sentenced Bryson Tyler Lokken to two life sentences for two counts of sexual assault of a child and lewdness with a child.

Jurors in January found Lokken guilty of the charges that stemmed from the May 2 attack in his bedroom in Sparks. Deputy District Attorney Rebecca Druckman said the injuries the girl received related to the rape were the worst she has seen in quite some time.

"Bryson Lokken raped me and took something from me I will never get back, something that was just mine," the now 14-year-old girl said during Friday's sentencing hearing. "I took pride in my virginity.

"...I have felt as if I lost the whole last year of my life," she said. "I can't say what punishment he deserves, but my feeling more than anything is he needs therapy.

"I will never be able to forget it," the girl said. "I pray he gets the help he needs and does not do it to anyone again."

Druckman said the girl had been with some friends at a Sparks skate park when Lokken asked the girl if she wanted to come over to his home and watch a movie.

Once in his bedroom, Lokken raped her. He then followed her home and threatened to harm her if she told anyone what happened. A few days later, she told her parents, who called police.
Druckman said that during a Hot August Nights event, the girl said one of Lokken's friends battered her for "putting my homie in jail for a rape he didn't do." Evidence presented in court also showed that soon after the girl's sexual assault, a relative of the girl became involved in a fist fight with Lokken.

"...Not only was I dealing with the rape but mountains of threats and windows in my home broken," the girl said. "There were rumors from his friends that I wanted it, and I was a liar. Most disappointing of all was losing many friends and my freedom. I wasn't able to go out or attend school because I feared for my safety."

Lokken, who had been working occasional landscaping and janitorial jobs when he was arrested, told authorities he identified himself as a "juggalo" which is a male fan of the rap group Insane Clown Posse.

At the time of the girl's rape, Lokken was on probation for a gross misdemeanor of attempted grand larceny.

Police charge man in theft of beheaded Ronald McDonald statue

Tuesday, Mar 6, 2007
Posted on Mon, Mar. 05, 2007

State police have charged a 22-year-old man with theft, alleging he took a family's Ronald McDonald statue that was later found beheaded in a wood patch.

Jason Anthony Nocar, of Hopewell Township, has been charged with theft, conspiracy and related counts, state police said Saturday. Troopers are looking for a second suspect.

The iconic fast-food clown disappeared from the Grieger home on Jan. 15. About two weeks later, Joy Grieger found its severed head on her family's Stewartstown property with X's drawn over its eyes. The rest of the 300-pound statue turned up elsewhere a few days later.

Grieger, who once worked for McDonald's, adopted the statue decades ago.

Nocar declined to comment Sunday.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Columbia's Alleged Clown Slayer Arrested

A man allegedly connected to the shooting deaths of two circus clowns during a performance in Colombia has been arrested, El Tiempo reported Saturday.

Police said Walter Bautista, 21, was being held on charges of murder and the trafficking of arms, though it is not certain whether police consider him the killer.

The two clowns were gunned down during a Tuesday night performance. Police said they are not certain why the performers were killed.© 2007 UPI


Colombian police arrest man in clown deaths
The Associated Press
Friday, February 23, 2007

BOGOTA, Colombia: Police said they arrested a man Friday in connection with the killing of two clowns in front of dozens of children during a performance, in a case that has convulsed even this violence-hardened South American country.

Walter Bautista, 21, who goes by the alias "My Fish," was being held on charges of murder and trafficking in arms, a police statement said.

Clowns Willington Villamizar, 18, known as "Rony," and Nelson Nunez, 24, known as "Andres," were gunned down Tuesday night in the middle of their circus act in the town of Cucuta, about 400 miles (650 kilometers) northeast of Bogota near the border with Venezuela.

Acrobats, harlequins, animal trainers and other circus performers staged protests in different parts of the country following the killings, chanting "Justice for the assassins of laughter."
Other circuses held moments of silence for the dead clowns.

A spokeswoman for the Cucuta police said authorities were investigating the cause of the double slayings, but said they had discounted the reason being the men's jobs.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Clown-masked thief breaks into condo

Rob Shaw
Times Colonist
Thursday, February 01, 2007

It wasn’t Ronald McDonald or Krusty, but some Bozo in a clown outfit broke into a Cordova Bay Road condo last night.

The costumed criminal climbed up construction scaffolding to find an unlocked sliding glass door on the fourth floor, said Saanich police Sgt. John Price.

The clown started rummaging through drawers and cupboards before accidentally opening a door to the bedroom, where a man was just settling down for a night’s sleep.

Not surprisingly, the man was shocked to be confronted with the worst fear of almost any child and the plot of a gripping Stephen King novel — a menacing clown in your bedroom.

“It’s one thing to have a suspect break into your room, but it’s quite another thing to have a clown break into your room,” said Price.

The clown made a grab for the man’s watch, which was sitting on a nightstand table. But the condo resident told him to get lost, and the clown fled down the scaffolding, said Price.
A police dog was unable to catch the clown scent. However, there were muddy footprints in the apartment, said Price.

It doesn’t appear the clown prince of crime got away with any actual items — that is, assuming the intruder was a man. Price said that’s unclear.

“There’s no indication on gender because the clown didn’t say a word.”

Anyone who saw something “unusual” in the 5100 block of Cordova Bay Road around 10:30 p.m. is asked to phone Saanich police at 475-4321.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Clown-masked gunman robs store in Eldon

Clown-masked gunman robs store in Eldon
By Lake Sun staff
MILLER COUNTY ' The Eldon Police Department was searching for a suspect wanted for questioning in connection with an armed robbery at a convenience store late last week.

The robbery was reported late Thursday evening after a clerk at the Casey's convenience store was held up at gunpoint by a male suspect wearing a clown mask.

According to police chief Rodney Fair, the suspect allegedly walked into the store and demanded the clerk hand over money out of the register. The suspect brandished a handgun at the clerk, Fair said.

The suspect is believed to have fled on foot into a nearby residential area, pitching the handgun used in the robbery.

A handgun matching the description given by the clerk was found by the Eldon Police Department's canine a short distance from the entrance of the store.

Police did not release how much money was taken in the robbery, nor did they provide a detailed description of the suspect. The store is located at the intersection of 4th St. and Grand Ave.

Last week's hold up is the second time in the last several months the store has been the target of a robber. In November, a clerk refused to turn over the cash register receipts to a would-be thief demanding money.

When the clerk refused to cooperate, the suspect fled from the store on foot. Police arrested him within hours of the attempt.
Contact this reporter at

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Clown Academics

Israeli degree in 'medical clowning' a prescription for health
By Asher Goldstein January 14, 2007

Laughter is the best medicine - an old saying, but one that the University of Haifa is taking seriously by introducing Israel's first degree program - and perhaps the only degree in the world - in medical clowning. "It's a kind of start-up actually," said Herzel Ziyoni about the pilot program being offered by the university's Department. of Theater.


New graduates await clowning glory
Toaster and Shuffles learn you are never too old to be a clown

Article Last Updated: 01/10/2007 06:54:13 AM PST

Joe Silva, CEO of the Concord Senior Citizens Club and a retired mortgage banker, groans in fake pain inside Fuddruckers restaurant while children point and laugh.

He has a pretend toothache and needs a dentist, pronto. Albert Zais, 65, rushes in with a pair of giant pliers and readies for surgery. He adjusts the red, fuzzy clown wig hes wearing, pauses for theatrical effect, then pretends to plunge his hand into Silvas moaning mouth.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pilo Family Circus: Review,,1988909,00.html

Big-top bogey men
Will Elliott's horror story The Pilo Family Circus does nothing to help the image of clowns, says Elena Seymenliyska

Elena Seymenliyska
Saturday January 13, 2007

Pilo Family Circusby Will Elliott 314pp, Quercus, £10.99

Jamie is a modern everyman, an Australian twentysomething arts graduate killing time in a McJob and living in a tip of a houseshare in Brisbane. Late one night, driving home from work, he is forced to a sudden stop. A man is standing in the middle of the road, as though hatched out of a giant egg. Dressed in a flowery shirt, striped pants and oversized red shoes, his eyes bulge out of a white-painted face. He opens and shuts his mouth but no sound comes out. Then he simply walks off into the night.

As the silent-film star Lon Chaney is supposed to have said, there's nothing funny about a clown in the moonlight. The next day it happens again, but this time there are three of them: one on the roof of a house, one on the ground and one who's just a mean old bastard, despite the cute kittens printed on his shirt. The day after that, they wreak havoc in Jamie's house. Amid the wreckage, Jamie finds a card addressed "For a Special Guy", and inside it the message: "You have two days to pass your audition. You better pass it, feller. You're joining the circus. Ain't that the best news you ever got?" It's signed Gonko, Doopy and Goshy, on behalf of the Pilo Family Circus.

Will Elliott's first novel taps into an established tradition born out of coulrophobia, or fear of clowns. From the murderous jester of commedia dell' arte to the sadistic Pennywise in Stephen King's It, the masked man with the false grin is both a reliable bogey man and a subversive social critic. Elliott's clowns are as unnerving as they come, but their weirdness is more than just an act: this particular circus has pitched its tent in the underworld. Reached via a Portaloo portal, it floats in a dark cellar of the universe, right next door to hell. From there, it lures unsuspecting "tricks" - "regular types who eat pies, watch football and breed" - before milking them of their souls.

In charge of this operation is Kurt Pilo, a seven-foot giant with talons who likes to snack on teeth as if they were popcorn. (It was Mr Pilo who helped a certain failed Austrian painter make his name in political history.) Once Jamie is dragged into this underworld, he is shown what he would have become in real life: an alcoholic in a dead-end government job, with a disabled son whose mother is squeezing him for child support. Only wearing the white facepaint will save him from this living death. But as soon as the facepaint goes on, Jamie becomes JJ, a sadistic psychopath. Can Jamie manage to kill off JJ without destroying himself?

Elliott is stronger on the carnivalesque imagery than he is on the cod-philosophy. Like Chuck Palahniuk in Fight Club, his gripe seems to be with "ordinary" life, as lived by regular pie-munching breeders, but his critique gets lost in complex confabulations of alternate universes, mind-altering substances and shape-shifting characters. While The Pilo Family Circus won a first novel award in its native Australia, it might have made a better horror movie or violent computer game.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Haunted Clown on Ebay

Yet another "haunted" clown doll up for sale on ebay:

"This evil clown was dropped off to me today.
The evil energies that pour from this is beyond imaginable...
I first sat it in a chair to go get my camera & I swear to you the eyes followed me! I screamed & literally threw what I had in my hand.
My cat, Raven, even checked it out!
When I was in the kitchen I heard it's evil, sinister laugh...
It is quite old. It measures 31 inches from the tip of it's hat to the shoes. I have no clue what it is made out of.The head feels like a thin plastic, the main body feels like a piece of wood,&it has a bit of wood & stuffing that makes up the rest of it's body parts, etc.
I wanted to add that this clown does not actually stand up on it's own, I used a small tack at the very top of it's hat to do so for picture taking purposes only.
I am selling him as is due being in not the greatest condition due to age.
~Blessed Be~
I must state due to Ebay rules that I am not responsible for the activity or lack there of."