Friday, January 12, 2007

Haunted Clown on Ebay

Yet another "haunted" clown doll up for sale on ebay:

"This evil clown was dropped off to me today.
The evil energies that pour from this is beyond imaginable...
I first sat it in a chair to go get my camera & I swear to you the eyes followed me! I screamed & literally threw what I had in my hand.
My cat, Raven, even checked it out!
When I was in the kitchen I heard it's evil, sinister laugh...
It is quite old. It measures 31 inches from the tip of it's hat to the shoes. I have no clue what it is made out of.The head feels like a thin plastic, the main body feels like a piece of wood,&it has a bit of wood & stuffing that makes up the rest of it's body parts, etc.
I wanted to add that this clown does not actually stand up on it's own, I used a small tack at the very top of it's hat to do so for picture taking purposes only.
I am selling him as is due being in not the greatest condition due to age.
~Blessed Be~
I must state due to Ebay rules that I am not responsible for the activity or lack there of."

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