Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Clown-masked gunman robs store in Eldon


Clown-masked gunman robs store in Eldon
By Lake Sun staff
MILLER COUNTY ' The Eldon Police Department was searching for a suspect wanted for questioning in connection with an armed robbery at a convenience store late last week.

The robbery was reported late Thursday evening after a clerk at the Casey's convenience store was held up at gunpoint by a male suspect wearing a clown mask.

According to police chief Rodney Fair, the suspect allegedly walked into the store and demanded the clerk hand over money out of the register. The suspect brandished a handgun at the clerk, Fair said.

The suspect is believed to have fled on foot into a nearby residential area, pitching the handgun used in the robbery.

A handgun matching the description given by the clerk was found by the Eldon Police Department's canine a short distance from the entrance of the store.

Police did not release how much money was taken in the robbery, nor did they provide a detailed description of the suspect. The store is located at the intersection of 4th St. and Grand Ave.

Last week's hold up is the second time in the last several months the store has been the target of a robber. In November, a clerk refused to turn over the cash register receipts to a would-be thief demanding money.

When the clerk refused to cooperate, the suspect fled from the store on foot. Police arrested him within hours of the attempt.
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